Beautiful Jars

I am so in love with these jars. I had previously seen a lot of cool pictures with similar styles mainly from the States and wanted something similar.

This is such a simple way of making things a bit more special at a really cheap price.  I brought these jars with lids from Look Sharp in Hamilton when I was shopping with my blister for Christmas ideas. I paid around $3.00 for each one soooooo cheap.

These are just so awesome and it is an awesome experience drinking out of them especially a cold shandy on a hot day.

Remember it doesn’t have to be expensive to be cool………


Have a beautiful day Kylie

Back again…..

I can’t quiet believe where the time has gone since Christmas, we are coming into March already….. There is a lot happening in my side of the world with kids getting back into the school rhythm  and me still settling into my new role hence I have not been very creative lately lol.

We are going to have a crazy busy year with undertaking some alterations with our existing house so I will keep you up to date on  that when we start and we have also brought a little caravan that needs some TLC with my brother and his wife so that is our project for the year (so excited bring on the camping trips).  I will take some now photos and post them so you can see what it looks like before and then after when completed.

For now I just wanted to share a couple of school ideas for you, the first around being organised with all the boys papers, pictures, photos etc that come home from school. I brought these containers (one each for the boys in different colours so no fights)  from the warehouse stationary for around $40.00 and they are great, not only do they protect the documents but it is so organised and easy to keep track of everything.   The second is that I was getting sick and tired of trying to find all the pens, pencils, felts etc in the house so I have brought these containers from the design store on special for around $30.00 (I know crazy cheap) and they look great not only can the kids find them they look really colourful and not out of place.

So that’s about it I promise I will post more regularly and have some photos of the caravan and house plans as we go along.

Have an awesome weekend.



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas……



Confession time….. I have had the Christmas tree up for at least two weeks now and love it. This year I decided to go with a gold theme on the tree for something a bit more rustic/country looking. Everything else I have collected is because me or the kids loved it…. The boys have their own tree in there bedroom which they decorate in whatever takes their fancy and they love lying in bed at night and looking at the lights (it also allows me to decorate the big tree lol).
Whatever your style is, embrace it and make it a fun time to decorate with the family (usually hubby runs)and enjoy it as we know it only happens once a year. Merry Christmas everyone….
Talk soon Kylie



Sleep Time

So loving this duvet set that I brought from Bed, Bath and Table, it is all about spring and beautiful colours. My headboard I brought off Trademe a few years ago and I was lucky enough to get Emma from Lovelock Vintage to find me some bedsides and drawers and match them in. I love that they are different and each have a special story behind them. It is so important to have  little haven that you can go and rest when the rest of the house is crazy.

Have a great day and I think I might start looking into my Christmas decorations (hubby will disappear for sure). I looovvvee Christmas and I will show you my creations when done.

ps found the most amazing Christmas shop just outside Egmont Village in Taranaki who would have thought lol 🙂


Something little


Time seems to be precious at the moment as I am sure a lot of you can appreciate. So in the spare 5 minutes I  have had recently I decided to change the items on my coffee table in the lounge. It is definitely the little things that makes a house your home….

The candles were a birthday present from my boys, they were on my wish list when I knew they could change into Christmas colours (so cool and they smell divine if only they played Christmas songs, but you can’t have everything). As some of you may already know I have a small Christmas obsession and my Christmas planning has already started, the tree will go up in a few weeks much to the delight of hubby and kids.

Have a great night all you beautiful people and I will catch up next week…… 🙂

ps I have brought the most beautiful duvet set from Bed, Bath and Table which I will show you then …….

Little Projects

When I was at my sisters last I saw she had these cute jars with plants in them that she had brought off a lady who does amazing stuff with furniture and accessories. So I thought I would give it a go and here is my version. I brought the jars from Briscoe’s (on special) and then brought some colour samples and this is how it ended. They looked great with plants or herbs like I have done. This is really easy and was fun choosing the colours that I suited our place. Sometimes you just need to give it a go….

Project time…..

So the project is a little behind due to soooo much rain in Auckland and we are now finally having some well deserved sunshine.  Project stairs is underway….  A little bit about the products.

I have brought my pots from Mitre 10 or the Warehouse whenever they are on sale and the same as the plants. I have gone for a green and white theme in my plants,  I really have no idea and went with what I liked and even managed to get a couple of white daphne plants which are my favourite smelling plants of all time. The smell of them brings back great childhood memories of my parents house with one at the back door.

To be honest it was a little bit more expensive then I thought to buy good plants and all the pots in difference sizes,  so if you want to do this make sure you shop around to get the best prices for the pots and the plants.  I still have a couple more pots to find plants for but it is definitely looking great and much better then the plain stairs. So with a bit of time for growth  I think it will look great also having pink gumboots makes the difference as well.

Have a great week.

PS  I hope to have some exciting news in about a months time on the house search so fingers crossed.