So I am a busy working mum with two beautiful boys and one very patient husband. We live in beautiful New Zealand and we are blessed to be living here.  My husband and I love to go looking for antiques which is always not easy with a limited budget and boys that think everything is ok to touch. So hence we rarely find the time but I want to. I love finding specials and I am always on the lookout for that something that I think will fit in with my ideas and style. We have a standard 3 bedroom house which I am not sure will be our forever home but it is our now home so I couldn’t see why I couldn’t incorporate my farmhouse look into it. I love all things wood and French Country and I have a few favourite shops and enjoy going to them for inspiration. I love Pinterest and was beside myself that we now have the HGTV channel which I didn’t know about before but now I can’t imagine living without after a couple of days. Wish me luck as I take this new experience on.