Back again…..

I can’t quiet believe where the time has gone since Christmas, we are coming into March already….. There is a lot happening in my side of the world with kids getting back into the school rhythm  and me still settling into my new role hence I have not been very creative lately lol.

We are going to have a crazy busy year with undertaking some alterations with our existing house so I will keep you up to date on  that when we start and we have also brought a little caravan that needs some TLC with my brother and his wife so that is our project for the year (so excited bring on the camping trips).  I will take some now photos and post them so you can see what it looks like before and then after when completed.

For now I just wanted to share a couple of school ideas for you, the first around being organised with all the boys papers, pictures, photos etc that come home from school. I brought these containers (one each for the boys in different colours so no fights)  from the warehouse stationary for around $40.00 and they are great, not only do they protect the documents but it is so organised and easy to keep track of everything.   The second is that I was getting sick and tired of trying to find all the pens, pencils, felts etc in the house so I have brought these containers from the design store on special for around $30.00 (I know crazy cheap) and they look great not only can the kids find them they look really colourful and not out of place.

So that’s about it I promise I will post more regularly and have some photos of the caravan and house plans as we go along.

Have an awesome weekend.



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