Project time…..

So the project is a little behind due to soooo much rain in Auckland and we are now finally having some well deserved sunshine.  Project stairs is underway….  A little bit about the products.

I have brought my pots from Mitre 10 or the Warehouse whenever they are on sale and the same as the plants. I have gone for a green and white theme in my plants,  I really have no idea and went with what I liked and even managed to get a couple of white daphne plants which are my favourite smelling plants of all time. The smell of them brings back great childhood memories of my parents house with one at the back door.

To be honest it was a little bit more expensive then I thought to buy good plants and all the pots in difference sizes,  so if you want to do this make sure you shop around to get the best prices for the pots and the plants.  I still have a couple more pots to find plants for but it is definitely looking great and much better then the plain stairs. So with a bit of time for growth  I think it will look great also having pink gumboots makes the difference as well.

Have a great week.

PS  I hope to have some exciting news in about a months time on the house search so fingers crossed.

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