Birthday Surprise

We always struggle to think of great ideas for my mums birthday but this year we nailed it. I don’t know if it is because I watch to much of the HGTV channel or sky but we decided on a room makeover for her special day. We started looking for ideas for her room and collected items over a few months. We sourced the bedside lights from Early Settler and they are just beautiful. The linen from Wallace Cotton and some of the accessories from Notting Hill Interiors in Tirau.This is a must to see if you travel through there as it has the most beautiful things in it. The flowers and vase are from a little shop in Cambridge and I can’t remember the name but it has great gift wear in it as well and on the side they had just started to put their Christmas stock in (my favourite time of the year).

We planned the day within an inch of its life. Mum was staying at my house in Auckland looking after the boys for me during the school holidays so her place in Cambridge was free. I said good bye to her Monday morning as I headed off to work and I was to ring her around 11 to let her know if she was ok to head back home to Cambridge as I would be home to pick the little one up from school. So I landed up in Cambridge around 8am and with the help of my sister and sister in law we got started (my brother turned up to nail the birds onto mums wall as we knew he wouldn’t get into trouble – favourite just saying). It didn’t take to long and we were hiding behind the bed when we heard mum arrive back home (we did worry that we would give her a heart attack but decided to risk it lol). Needless to say mum survived the scare, loved her room and then started to cry. I would have to say a very successful birthday surprise if there ever was one in our family.  It was also great planning/ scheming it with the family I think we enjoyed it as much as the event. So happy birthday mum to the most beautiful lady we know xx

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