It’s the little things that matter….

Summer style guideSo I was sick and tired of using the kids plastic plates all the time (mums you understand) and I hadn’t really seen a dinner set that I had fallen in love with so I decided to make my own set. I sourced most of my plates from different  op shops/second hand shops eg Hospice, Salvation Army  etc and also some from Trade me (I didn’t even have to leave home). I never spend more then $10.00 on a plate and in fact can usually pick some of them up for only a few dollars. I now have a beautiful collection and to be honest things do taste better on these plates and makes it feel a little special. I love using these plates daily, they aren’t for best and if something breaks it doesn’t matter it is an excuse to look for some more.  They are also great for portion size as they aren’t huge plates like we have now (I think that is why everyone was skinny back then :)). So good luck with finding your perfect set.

One thought on “It’s the little things that matter….

  1. Lovelock Vintage says:

    Great idea Kylie- I spend a lot of time at auctions and op shops and now have a new personal treasure hunt while searching for furniture for customers!


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